Animal Instinct

Move. Play. Discover.

Event was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions between countries.

We are looking forward to see you next year!


Animal Instinct is a 5-day event based on discovering useful activities which bring joy and happiness into our daily life - even if a part of it might be a short term discomfort. Guided immersion in icy water, breathing exercises, walks, movement practice, sauna, music and rhythm, games, common rituals and sitting by the fire … All of these activities will be a part of our event.

After 12 years of experience with organising sport-events / camps in Miroslav, a small village in Czech Republic, I decided to develop the thought of adventure for a wider circle of people.

We started two years ago with a few friends and created the first ‘Animal Instinct’ for Czech participants. Our wish is to share our accumulated energy and life experience with everybody who would like to work on themselves and have fun at the same time. We would like to bring together like-minded people who share the same curiosity and enthusiasm. We want to work hard, laugh from our hearts, think and be united with nature.

Miroslav Sokol, Founder of the Animal Instinct event

Basic Information

Where and When

2.9. 13:00 - 6.9.2020 12:30

Slunečna Hut
Nová Ves 84, 795 01 Dolní Moravice
Czech Republic


350,- EUR

Payment: Account number will be stated as the last step of the registration form. Registration will not be valid until the payment has been received. It is possible to pay in CZK with actual exchange rate from Czech National Bank.

Cancellation: If you cannot attend, it is possible to find a substitute to take your place. In case of travelling restrictions due to Covid-19, we will refund the full amount.

The price includes: All day programme, three meals and two snacks per day, accommodation with all necessities, and extra equipment we need for the activities.

Other Information

The capacity is limited to 20 participants. (Minimum number of participants is 8)

There are two levels on which you can participate:
Level 1 with Lia Tomat and Pavel Milička
Level 3 with Miroslav Sokol

You can choose the level you think would be best for you, with an option to change in case you under- or overestimate yourself. The description of levels and the idea behind them can be found here.

What to bring: Outdoor and indoor clothes (that can get dirty or destroyed), slippers, running shoes (for forest, rocks..), head-light, scarf, notebook, pen, bottle, rain coat, swimsuit, towel, small backpack, pocket knife, anything else you would normally use.



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